With so many negative articles about schools and wayward students, I thought I’d pass along a positive story which I found to be very encouraging:

A few weeks ago, Metairie’s Archbishop Rummel High School won the 5A State Championship in football. After the victory, the team ran toward the student section. In the midst of the excitement, an elderly lady was sitting in a seat squarely in the path of the torrent of people.

One of the football players, seeing the situation, rushed to the lady’s side and put himself between her and the oncoming flood.

Whether the school or his family (or both) are responsible for this charitable act, one can only guess. But I do know that the school he attends offers a “complete” education!

It seems that besides academics (the school was honored by the U.S. Department of Education as a “Blue Ribbon School,” one of the top high schools in the country), and athletics (winning the state championship), something else very special must be within the curriculum at this Christian Brothers-founded school.

There are many other “feel-good” stories out there, yet to be told. Thank God for good parents and good teachers. The future is bright!

Jean Rice

philanthropy consultant