I read with interest the article in the May 28 newspaper regarding the Bayou Country Superfest and, in particular, the controversy about funding, or the lack thereof, and the Superfest?s future in Baton Rouge.

Mr. Quint Davis, the organizer of the festival, says, ?Ticket sales and concessions sales alone are not enough to justify the major financial risk involved in producing an event on the monumental scale of Bayou Country Superfest? and that future funding assistance may be needed to ensure the return of the festival to Baton Rouge next year.

My understanding is that Davis is not putting on the festival out of the goodness of his heart or as a charitable or nonprofit event. His goal is to make money, to make a profit.

If the city of Baton Rouge contributes money to the event, and it makes a profit, are not the people of Baton Rouge paying Davis for the privilege of having him stage the festival, whether we attend or not (and would have to pay for tickets if we did attend)?

Let the businesses and organizations that benefit from the Superfest subsidize the event: the Baton Rouge Lodging Association, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber etc.

I applaud the Metro Council?s decision to deny $300,000 in funding for this year?s event, although not for the reason it gave of lack of accountability of how the money would be used.

The Superfest?s organizers should pay more heed to the themes of individual responsibility and free enterprise (and the obvious risk involved) that run through many of the songs that the event?s participants sing and put less effort into attempting to get the people of Baton Rouge to subsidize their undertaking.

Paul Major

retired IT manager

Baton Rouge