Femme Fatale Parade organizers are to be commended on an excellent parade. I am most appreciative of their attention to detail.

The costumes were age-appropriate and festive without being revealing. The dancers, baton twirlers, flag groups and cheerleaders moved with grace and elegance to timely music.

Well done, lady organizers. Your example is appreciated.

And I would like to introduce two officers whose quick and appropriate response during the parades may have altered two young boys’ future.

Two cousins were fighting in the street and causing pain to themselves and those of us observing their intense anger. Officers Misha Walker and Kurt Coupon stepped in, separated the pair, spoke with each one separately and found their adult chaperone and assisted in a conflict resolution session on the street.

Thank all of you for making our parade going experience memorable.

Rosalynn Moore

retired high school teacher, art consultant

New Orleans