I’ve never written to The Advocate ever. The recent front page was AMAZING! I am entering retirement years and was so excited to see all these pictures of Christians coming together because I am one.

As I began to read the article, I couldn’t believe how Elizabeth Crisp bent and twisted the entire thing. This went from “praying as a people” to “Jindal has a motive,” “it’s political,” “it’s ‘anti-gay,’ ” “anti-Muslim.” How idiotic! I understand unbiased reporting, but she went to the far side!

The photo of “a pair of women holding hands”: Was that to be a “poor gays at the meeting” punch? Are you starting to become one of the fast-growing opinions that we as Christians need to be fed to the lions?

Next time a reporter is assigned to something this important to US, we the people, please see to it that they are a Christian. This was an assault on Christians and Christian leaders. The phones are ringing off the hooks this morning!

Sharon Rene

ExxonMobil employee

Denham Springs