I am a frequent shopper at Baton Rouge’s Main Street Market on Saturday mornings. I like the market except for one glaring lack: The only restroom available for women is in the cafe area, which probably has several hundred patrons on a Saturday. I have never seen this restroom in anything but disgusting condition.

Saturday, Oct. 4, there was a line of six women and children waiting in line outside the door; the restroom was filthy with a wet floor as though the toilet had overflowed and had a dirty sink. This is the usual condition of this inadequate restroom. It exposes everyone who uses it to germs and leaves a very negative impression. This unhealthy situation is a reason not to patronize the market and cafes.

I would like to see a new, larger women’s restroom that is maintained to sanitary standards. The Health Department needs to look into this, and the market managers need to see that this situation is improved.

Carolyn Ricapito

retired writer

Baton Rouge