Say goodbye to your marshes, estuaries and hurricane protection.

As a resident of this state, I have supported and voted for Gov. Jindal in his political campaigns. I am deeply saddened and disappointed in his being completely blinded by political ambition and forsaking the people of Louisiana. The governor and his followers in the Legislature have supported a law to retroactively kill a lawsuit by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, asking the oil companies to take responsibility for their part in the destruction of the marsh below New Orleans. This bill puts the kiss of death on any chances to save our marsh.

The taxpayers of Louisiana cannot and should not have to pay for the damages caused by the oil and gas companies. Our tax base and spending plan, under the present administration, can afford only the worst education, the worst health care and the worst streets and highway system in the United States … this list could go on and on.

Congressmen from noncoastal states in the U.S. Congress, already under finical stress, are not going to undertake the burden to save and/or rebuild our vanishing coast line, unless Louisiana is able and willing to participate heavily in the cost. If these oil and gas companies, the richest industry in the world, cannot be called upon to repair their portion of the damages, there will be no funds forthcoming.

They have upgraded their moniker now calling themselves the Energy Industry (Standard Oil, Shell Oil, Gulf Oil and British Petroleum). No matter what you call them, they should stand up for what is right and fix what they damaged. They have made billions of dollars from the Louisiana coast, and it’s time to stand up.

Hays Town Jr.

retired engineer/contractor

Baton Rouge