Just in time for LSU to return for spring semester, DOTD recently installed signage at the intersection of Burbank and Nicholson telling drivers turning from westbound Burbank to northbound Nicholson that those in the left right turn lane may not do so at a red light, while drivers on the inside right turn lane may, photographed Tuesday, January 10, 2017.

Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK

If you've seen those bright red trucks with flashing lights on The interstate highways, remember they are there to help not hinder traffic. I happened to be one their "customers" while returning to Baton Rouge from a very cold hunting trip last weekend, and my truck indicated a "Stop Your Engine Immediately" light on its dash. I pulled over, stopped the engine and was in process of calling for help when within 5 minutes, Patricia Boyd in one of those trucks pulled up behind me with her lights flashing. She gave advice, offered to pick up some oil for my truck, did so, and then followed me to my exit in Baton Rouge. Without her help, I would have been delayed more than 2 hours in a 30 mile trip. Turned out to be a bad sensor, but it certainly is more comforting to have big flashing directional lights next to you with big and fast 18-wheelers blowing by you just a few feet away. Thank you, Patricia Boyd and DOTD, for being there.

Tom Mackey


Baton Rouge