I am writing in the response to Robert Kraemer’s letter on Friday. I believe he is being misguided by leftist groups through the media.

Just by doing the smallest search on the Internet, you will see the facts, numbers and effects of gun laws around the world. I simply Googled a few words and came upon a website called: http://www.Gunslot.com. Upon my screen I found an article listed as the following: Comparing Gun Control Laws and Their Effects in Different Countries

By Marvin Posted: May 1, 2007 filed under: “miscellaneous.”

Here are a couple of excerpts of a list by country of laws these countries laid down for their patrons. For example, Australia — In 1973, Australia mandated the licensing of gun owners whereby each handgun required a distinct and separate license. Additionally, Australia did not allow the use of a firearm for self-defense as a legitimate reason to possess a firearm. In 1985, Australia required the registration of firearms. In May, 1996, the country outlawed semiautomatic, center-fire rifles and many pump-action shotguns and other semiautomatic weapons. As of October, 2000, the Australian government confiscated and destroyed about 660,000 privately owned firearms. However, viewing the data provided by the Australian Institute of Criminology, between 1996-1998 armed robberies rose 73 percent, assaults rose 16 percent and unlawful entries rose 8 percent. During this time period, murders increased slightly and then decreased slightly. (Jacob Sullum, “Guns down under,” Reason, Australia, p. 10, 10/1/00).

Japan and Switzerland “stand out as interesting models. The countries have crime rates that are within the lowest in the industrialized world, despite having completely opposite gun laws and policies.” (Nicholas D. Kristof, “One Nation Bars, The Other Requires,” New York Times, 3/10/96.) The citizens of Switzerland are frequently issued fully-automatic rifles to utilize for home national-defense purposes, despite this fact, “abuse of military weapons is rare.” The citizens of Switzerland own approximately 2 million firearms, including semiautomatic rifles and handguns, they shoot approximately 60 million rounds of ammunition per year, and “the rate of violent gun abuse is considerably low.” (Stephen P. Halbrook, Target Switzerland; Library of Congress, pp. 183-184.)

Those are just two examples. In some countries crime went up. In some it went down. From my reading, I believe that in the majority of cases when guns are banned, crime has risen. So I wouldn’t blame the NRA or manufacturers of guns for murders just like you wouldn’t blame car manufacturers for drunk drivers. It’s time to take responsibility, America, not blame someone else for something you do not agree with.

Brent Burgess


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