I am writing to you in regards to the traffic problem on La. 1 at the Interstate 10 bridge in West Baton Rouge Parish.

Every morning and afternoon, traffic is backed up for miles as cars try to merge into one lane before the Intracoastal Canal, and then again less than a quarter-mile into one lane coming from Port Allen and Plaquemine onto the bridge.

Baton Rouge is the only place along I-10 that funnels down to one lane. That is a 1- to 2-mile span that backs traffic up profusely. It is a continual domino effect happening daily, and the DOTD has no fix for the problem.

I live about 5 miles from LSU, which is a 12-minute drive without any traffic. In the mornings, however, I am sometimes required to leave up to an hour earlier to get to LSU.

Something must be done!

There have been some great propositions that have been made, such as additional lanes, another bridge and a loop. I know these projects would take years to build; but the longer we wait, the worse the traffic will get.

I understand projects such as the ones listed cost money; however, I urge Gov. Bobby Jindal to work with federal and local leaders to secure the necessary funding for these projects to improve the infrastructure in West Baton Rouge Parish and the greater Baton Rouge area.

I truly believe that the improved infrastructure in West Baton Rouge Parish would stimulate economic growth to this area of the state.

Brady Bergeron


Port Allen