I was riding my bike around the neighborhood recently, pulling my daughter in a wagon attached to the bike.

As I was riding down the street, I saw a truck pull into a driveway, and I proceeded to ride past him. Without looking back, the driver of the truck backed out of the driveway, into the street and struck the wagon my daughter was riding in.

I yelled, he stopped, and thank God my daughter was uninjured. The man never apologized, never offered to pay for the damage he caused to the wagon and never acknowledged he was in the wrong for not checking behind him before backing into the street.

He instead berated me for not knowing biking 101, which I guess is to avoid all drivers backing into the street without looking. This incident struck me on two levels (three if you count physical).

I now have a new appreciation for the plight of bikers in the city, which I’ve read so much about recently. I am a large person riding an adult-sized bike and pulling a large wagon behind me, yet somehow, the driver never saw me at all.

And on a second level, it struck me how unwilling folks have become to acknowledge a mistake even in the most egregious situations, such as backing into a street without making sure no traffic is behind you.

No one wants to be accountable for their actions anymore as the framework of a civilized society slowly crumbles.

Kyle Hanrahan