Six months ago I moved back to my home state of Louisiana after living in Florida for five and a half years. Florida survives on sales tax versus income tax due to the mass of tourist and temporary residents that come to the state. Louisiana does not have that type of tourist base.

As a retiree, the increased sales tax would end up costing us more. Most people would have to re-evaluate their spending habits which would mean less revenue coming to the state coffers.

A big and unpleasant surprise to me upon my return is that our state seems to have become more of a dictatorship than a democracy. How did the governor get so powerful that when someone disagrees, their district gets punished in some way or they lose their job or get replaced on committees by those who will agree?

Being vindictive is not a characteristic of good leadership skills. First thing I did upon my return was to get my voter registration up to date. Legislators, please get your backbones back.

Brenda Thomas

retired disaster worker

Denham Springs