The Democrats say the bad old Republicans are scaring the senior citizens. The Republicans say the rotten Dems are scaring the senior citizens. They all say if the other guys have their way, we poor old seniors will be eating dog food and/or starving. We have to choose between food and medicine.

I started putting into Social Security in 1956 and have resented it ever since. We Americans are all too stupid, they think, to know how to manage our own money so the good old government will do it for us.

How has that worked out for us? I, for one, am with Gov. Rick Perry and his analogy. When has anything run by the government ever been found to work? And look at the past two years. For the first time, the Obama administration has decided we don’t need a cost of living raise and have actually taken a couple of dollars out of our checks each month.

So now we are portrayed as cowering in our corners, holding our hankies and wringing our hands while we watch the news in horror. Apparently they think that once we turn 65, our intelligence has completely drained from our brains. So come on, seniors. Let’s stand tall, point our fingers at Washington, D.C., and tell them we can still find our way to the voting booth.

Nancy Wilson


Baton Rouge