James Gill just wrote it is time to take down the Robert E. Lee statue and states that those who do not want the statue removed are sad loners with delusions of white supremacy.

He is drinking the Kool-Aid of the political correctness crowd. I am a Vietnam veteran; the Vietnam War was the most divisive war since the Civil War.

Those of us who served were spat upon and called baby killers by the draft dodgers and other hate groups. What if some poor Vietnam vet kills someone? Will they want the Vietnam memorials taken down?

One thing I thought we Vietnam vets did was to get the country to realize that you can hate the war but not the warriors, and thankfully, even though some do not agree with the current wars, the returning veterans are honored.

When will political correctness end? We changed Mount McKinley to Mount Denali, and now they want to change the name of Reagan International Airport. What’s next?

Let’s use some common sense. I can agree that the white supremacy monuments and perhaps the civilian leaders of the Civil War might be targets, but why the men who were called and perhaps drafted into the service?

William J. Lannes III

retired energy worker

New Orleans