As one of many students personally benefiting from the growing film industry in Louisiana, I would like to thank Celtic Media Centre for giving me an opportunity to do what I love in my home state.

In high school, I always dreamed of working in the public relations sector of the film industry. I was convinced Los Angeles was where I was supposed to be.

However, the generous offer of TOPS was available, and my parents weren’t paying for me to attend college in California.

During my junior year at LSU, I heard about the Celtic Media Centre.

I contacted the executive director of the studio. He took time out of his day to meet with me, and he allowed me to intern with the studio.

Celtic taught me the business side of movies and allowed me to work with companies located on the lot. I even had the opportunity to work on my first film. Celtic also helped many fellow students secure jobs and internships within the entertainment industry. We would not have these opportunities if it were not for Celtic.

It is still hard for me to believe I am doing exactly what I wanted to do with my life in the real LA. I always assumed I would move once I graduated, but with Louisiana becoming “Hollywood South,” I am confident I will have my dream job right here. I have the Celtic Media Centre to thank for that.

Elaina Mitchell

mass communications senior at LSU

Baton Rouge