Jo Ann Knowles, in her defense of fellow liberal Michael D. Day, is correct on one point: Liberalism is indeed “mainstream” in American politics.

Claiming that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction is a lie that liberals have succeeded in mainstreaming. She has much in common with Day, using Fox News as a boogeyman just as Day uses “Bush lied” in his failed attempts to push the failed policies of the “progressives.”

She complains that John Donovan is sick of the tired liberal diatribes of Day, claiming falsely that he called for the letters of Day to be banned. However, she conveniently omits any mention of the outright call of U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to have the media ignore the tea party movement. Is this not a liberal senator calling for censorship? How about hypocrisy?

Yes, liberalism and unions go hand in hand, and look what a wonderful job the teachers unions have done for education. Look what a wonderful job unions have done for the auto industry and for state budgets. Speaking of liberalism, syndicated columnist George Will said what we are witnessing today is the progressive agenda in full flower, having matured over the past 100 years. All can see for themselves what it has wrought.

The liberal policies of the president and his radical administration have brought America more than 9 percent unemployment, $16 trillion in debt, a downgrade of our nation’s credit, a devastated economy, a plunging stock market, the refusal in Wisconsin to accept the results of free and fair elections, a new undeclared war in Libya and an all-out assault on the traditions, values and institutions that have ensured our freedom and prosperity for more than two centuries.

Congratulations to the “progressives” for the many grievous wounds they have inflicted upon our republic.

George Harris

petroleum landman