I can no longer contain myself.

A while ago, a Gallup Poll found that 68 percent of Americans lack confidence in news media. I personally do not watch network news, given their annoying leftist, liberal views, embellishment of facts and outright lies. I’m sure I don’t have to mention names.

Locally, there are numerous annoyances. To start with, 40 percent of scheduled broadcast time is allotted to commercials (a necessary evil), unneeded lead-ins, fade-outs, promos, teasers, recaps and useless banter.

Everyone has wide-screen TVs, so why do some stations broadcast 80 percent vertical pictures and further impede that with oversized logos and crawlers?

If the logos are so important, why not post them on commercials? Oops, I’ll bet sponsors wouldn’t allow that.

Now, anchors don’t know whether to sit or stand, and let’s not forget “Twisted News.” I expect far better from a certain female news anchor.

Weather forecasters, in particular, overuse the word “see.”

If I were blind, I would be appalled; since I am sighted, do away with them and just show the pictures. What stations consider “slick broadcasting,” I deem a waste of valuable news time.

On the printed side, one local newspaper that I subscribed to for 50 years decided I only read three days a week and should go to some dot-com.

A recent article found that The Advocate was the No. 1 newspaper in Louisiana. I thought it was the only newspaper, so thank God.

Harold D. Hochhalter

retired manager