Now that another school year has closed, I would like to thank the thousands of teachers in the state for the job they have done this year. It is the hardest job that not everyone can do.

In this day and age when everything is blamed on the teacher, I just want to let them know they are appreciated. We have children with three to six F’s on a report card, and no one is asking the child or the parents what is the problem. Everyone looks at the teacher and says, “How could you have helped this child more?” He or she doesn’t bring materials to class, often distracts others, but the focus is on what the teacher has not done.

Now our Legislature has come up with a law that ties the hands of principals in the elementary setting, saying don’t suspend him because he is missing school time and can’t learn. What about the other children in class trying to learn but who can’t because of the one child disturbing the class?

Again, thank you, teachers, for all you do, and have a wonderful, restful summer.

David Ramsey


Denham Springs