Unfortunately, this country has become a nation of citizens who are concerned only about “ME.”

Very few U.S. citizens have known a world without running water and electricity in their houses, a country without the “necessities” of life, such as phones, cars, computers, television, planes, credit cards, stores with anything they desire, but their world may disappear if their concern for our country doesn’t change.

It was only 235 years ago, that our forefathers established this country and gave their lives and wealth so we could have a country of peace, joy and prosperity.

I enjoy the “necessities” listed above, but these are prizes given by our nation as a result of the citizens practicing the duties required in order for a nation to survive.

Throughout time, it has been proved that a nation will cease to exist if it doesn’t adhere to God, love of your family, good citizenship (staying informed about our nation) and a desire to prosper through good work ethics.

People complain about the government, but won’t vote or educate themselves on the people and issues they should be voting for.

Today, too many are only concerned about “ME,” and not the future of our nation. I’ve been in other nations, and talked with many of the people who aren’t allowed to vote and who live in poverty.

Wake up, America! Read the history of other great nations that have failed, and why.

Hope you had a happy Fourth of July.

Vernon Yielding

retired refinery employee

Baton Rouge