As I read The Advocate last week, I was not shocked because the East Baton Rouge city-parish government is annexing 3,500 acres of cow pasture, not because Mayor Kip Holden brought back the old lawyer-politician out of mothballs, but because of the quote from city-parish CAO William Daniel, which read, “They realize there will likely be a massive tax increase in the St. George area.” (St. George projects a $10 million surplus.)

St. George citizens have endured Metro Councilman John Delgado’s theatrics, Kip’s politicking the Legislature, the unions, the pathetic School Board antics, the mall land-grab, the St. George Fire Commission fiasco, etc., but now we’re getting scare-tactic quotes from Kip’s right-hand man.

Daniel has no clue about St. George’s revenue stream, the planned conservative approach to governing or the St. George expenditure budget projections, yet he’s using the newspaper for a thinly veiled scare tactic, trying to keep St. George from getting the last few signatures.

St. George has lived with 35 years (since 1979) of neglect from the city-parish and fights, rapes, drugs and guns in our schools. We can continue down this road, or we can fight to change it. Just as the politicians at the city-parish are fighting to keep the tax money downtown, St. George citizens are fighting to stop the madness.

Thousands of St. George citizens have gone to the trouble of signing the petition, only asking to put it on the ballot so it can be decided by the people in St. George. The spirit and perseverance of the small group of volunteers has gotten them to the very last of the needed 18,000 signatures.

When it happens, don’t be shocked!

Jim Talbot

real estate broker

Baton Rouge