God bless the Louisiana Legislature and the Louisiana Family Forum for effectively opposing the proposed anti-bullying legislation in the defeated HB112.

Nobody supports bullying, but there are statutes and school board policies already in effect that can be enforced to stop bullying, as well as zero tolerance in most instances for any type of violence.

Although the proponents of the bill denied it was primarily a bill to promote gay equality or a gay agenda, it clearly would require that the terms sexual orientation and gender identity be discussed in a public school forum in order to teach grade-school children how not to bully those undefined characteristics and classes of people.

Louisiana legislators opposed the bill despite the loud, well-funded and vocal homosexual minority that will excoriate them as bigots for protecting our children from matters to which they need not be exposed.

There is a time coming soon when those who believe homosexuality to be immoral will not be allowed to exercise their rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech to speak that opinion.

It is unfortunately already speech and an opinion that endangers their eligibility for public office, service in the military, federal funding and much social approval.

Despite laws on the books and state constitutional provisions, 2 percent of the population continues their long push for radical social change to approve their relationships.

Good for those legislators who voted to keep this debate out of our grade schools.

Jeff Wittenbrink


Baton Rouge