Let me start by saying that I voted for Gov. Bobby Jindal. Like a lot of folks I know, I can now admit I made a mistake.

As I look at what he has tried to do in the past 18 months, it has become apparent that he is not really focused on the best interests of the people of this state but is, like many politicians, only truly focused on the next step on the ladder to the highest office.

What pieces of government has this administration tried to outsource or sell? The Office of Risk Management (the state’s property and casualty insurance program); the Office of Group Benefits (the state’s health insurance program) and prisons.

The Office of Risk Management has consistently run a cleaner and leaner program than just about any private insurance company out there. The same is said of the Office of Group Benefits.

Why sell or outsource them? Will we save money?

Not in the long run. It might make the books look a little better this year but not in five years. Of course, the current administration will be gone by the time the truth is known, so he doesn’t really care.

Selling the prisons is also a really bad idea because of the long-term impact, and I congratulate The Advocate for having properly reported on this.

Ever hear of the Office of Telecommunications Management?

The Office of Telecommunications Management provides telephone and Internet connectivity for all state agencies. Most people in the agencies like to complain about the speed of the service, but they never complain about the rates.

Look to see this administration try to sell off the Office of Telecommunications Management as well. After all, it provides services at a fraction of the rates that it would cost to have private industry perform the same services, but it does it with state employees.

We must reduce the number of state employees because we all know that they are lazy and overpaid and the root of the problem with the high cost of state services.

This must be true, as it seems to be about the only cause ever reported for the high cost of government programs. Lots of talk about government employees per capita and stuff like that.

It’s interesting that every agency being sold off is well run at low cost but offers great opportunity for a private company to increase its own profits. Private companies also donate lots of money to politicians.

I’d love to see a “local boy” make good and go to Washington, but not if he does it by selling out the public he is supposed to serve.

Wesley Smith

retired, information technology management

Denham Springs