Jaren Lockhart was a 22-year-old New Orleans woman who was stabbed to death and dismembered in June 2012. A front-page story in the Advocate’s April 13 issue reported information about the progress being made in Ms. Lockhart’s murder case. It described how investigators are hoping to provide evidence which “can be used to indict two people on charges of desecrating the corpse.” The headline for the story read: “Evidence coming in dead stripper case”.

Sadly, I understand that Ms. Lockhart’s violent demise is big news, while the totality of her 22 years on earth is of no interest to most. What I can’t fathom is why The Advocate deemed it necessary to victimize her twice.

Prior to her tragic demise, Ms. Lockhart was born to a mother, hopefully knew the joy of love, and made choices and mistakes — like the rest of us. Your summation of her existence as a “dead stripper” surely was attention-grabbing, but seemed a desecration in itself.

Carol Harth Clifton


Baton Rouge