Letters: There’s a better way to honor Allen Toussaint _lowres

Advocate staff photo by MATTHEW HINTON-- Allen Toussaint performs on the Acura Stage on the second Saturday of Jazz Fest 2014 in New Orleans, La. Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Save Our Circle is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the protection and preservation of all historic markers in Louisiana.

Save Our Circle does not agree with the suggestion of replacing the Robert E. Lee monument with one of the recently deceased Allen Toussaint, and we do not agree with the renaming of Lee Circle to Toussaint Circle.

Toussaint is a not only a New Orleans legend but a hero to many. He was always the gentleman and always extending his kindness to others. To intertwine his legacy with a battle of historic relevance would be an injustice to what Toussaint has done for the city.

The monument would be forever tied to controversy. We should put our efforts into finding a more suitable and new location for such an honorable man. Politicizing him will dishonor his legacy. We believe Toussaint is deserving of a prominent spot in our city that was created specifically for him.

We suggest a coordinated effort with the organization Monumental Task Committee. MTC has maintained all of New Orleans’ monuments for 26 years, including the recent restoration and relocation of the Avery Alexander statue to his new home in front of the new medical center. MTC can arrange and organize such a task as well as find the location of a suitable spot.

Save Our Circle believes in building up a full representation of history. Any removals or renaming of historical markers robs us and the future generations of teaching opportunities. Let’s build up our city, not tear it down.

Tim-Shea Carroll

f ounder of Save Our Circle

New Orleans