I read with great interest Leon P. Miller’s letter titled “Finish eating and leave.” Often times others see things in a different light than we do. Because of the anti-union, anti-worker sentiment that’s prevalent in our area, I have had to do a lot of traveling over the years in order to earn a living.

Unfortunately, I have shared Miller’s negative view about the Baton Rouge area for quite some time. It’s my belief that because of corporate cash and cronyism, our political system has become skewed and out of balance. Hard work is rewarded with low wages and little, if any, benefits such as health insurance or retirement. High taxes, $6-a-gallon milk, pollution, high dropout rates in our schools, not to mention the lack of opportunity for those who do graduate, are just a few of the things that I’ve noticed wrong with Louisiana in general.

The fact that I have worked and lived in other areas of our country has afforded me the ability to view our state in some ways as an outsider. This special insight has brought me to the conclusion that when, as a society, you quit rewarding the hard-working people who help build our great nation, you’ll soon discover that, willingly or not, you will have become an enabler of unfavorable conditions that will continue to plague us all for many years to come.

Mark Walock

pipefitter, Local 60