Do we really want a better state to leave for the younger generation? Do we want more businesses to come to this state? Do we want better jobs in Louisiana? Do we want to be able to compete with other states and even on the global economic stage? If so, then we must repeal the income tax now.

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s plan will do away with loopholes that lobbyists and special interests take advantage of — all at our expense. If that isn’t taking advantage of the poor and middle class, what is?

With the repeal of the state income tax will come more jobs to the state, meaning short- and long-term economic growth in the state. For too long, citizens of this great state have been leaving for places that are more friendly to businesses and taxpayers. The governor’s plan will encourage more people to come to our great state — meaning a brighter future for us and our young people. The governor’s plan will give us back control of our money — the money that we work so hard, day in and day out, to earn.

Thank you for working for a brighter tomorrow for our state, governor!

Joel Watson

restaurant worker

Baton Rouge