A majority of Americans voted for President Barack Obama, despite having to stand in lines for hours in many locations.

The president’s agenda, agreed to by most of America, is to limit ammo clips to 10 rounds, eliminate the further sale of assault weapons and require background checks on gun purchases, whether at a gun show or a sporting goods store — a simple concept, agreed on by most Americans, gun owners or not.

What the NRA, the star salesman for the weapons manufacturers, hears is that we want to take away everybody’s guns and leave them defenseless.

This is cognitive dissonance.

Everyone gets to keep their guns and even buy as many more as they can afford. This time, however, you’ll have a background check.

If you are a hunter, but you need an assault rifle to kill Bambi, you should turn in your gun.

If for some reason, you object to having a background check before buying a new weapon, the police would like to know why.

The NRA works hard on those who don’t understand. They keep them angry for reasons that don’t exist.

Just because you’re a Southern conservative doesn’t mean you have to disagree with everything the “different from us” president suggests.

Joseph Piper

retired communications worker

Baton Rouge