Don Gregory’s account of the Medicaid recipient who called him with worries about the health effects of having three X-rays in a week was disturbing on two counts, one of which was not touched on at all in the article. It is disturbing that the second and third “health care providers” did not request a copy of the first X-ray, and of course, it probably stemmed from greed — their practice or the clinic wanted the money from the cost of those unnecessary tests. But what about the patient? X-rays belong to the patient. She should have requested these X-rays and taken them with her to the second and third physicians. She was disturbed about the health risk of three X-rays, but not at all about the cost! Because, of course, to her, they were free. It is this irresponsible entitlement mentality that needs to be stemmed! Nothing is free. Someone, we working or retired taxpayers, pay, and pay, and pay!

Edie Eason