There have been many stories lately about problems in the VA medical system. The most recent was the story out of Indianapolis concerning a supervisor who sent emails to colleagues purportedly making fun of veterans in their care.

My experience with the VA medical system began in about 2007 when I went to the VA in Baton Rouge. I was in the service in the 1960s and had no contact with the Army or VA since that time. My experience at the Baton Rouge VA was a positive one. I was enrolled in the system and provided treatment promptly and professionally. The people there were kind and caring, and I appreciate the way they treated me.

I have since been treated at a specialty clinic at the VA in New Orleans beginning in early 2014 and continuing to this day. The staff at the clinic is just wonderful. They provide me with the best of care and are proactive in anticipating what I might need as my disease progresses. They are professional and make my trip to their clinic one that I look forward to. They have arranged the clinic so that I am seen by eight to nine medical disciplines in one day so that I don’t have to travel to New Orleans repeatedly.

I cannot say enough good things about my VA medical experiences and am grateful for all they do for me. I think the VA medical clinics in Baton Rouge and New Orleans could serve as a model for the rest of the VA medical system.

Jim Taylor


Breaux Bridge