The police controversy we are experiencing has made me think about why it is happening.

We live in a country that guarantees maintenance of law and order by using policemen. This is necessary because a few people seek to harm or rob others. When policemen arrive on a troubled scene, the policemen are in charge of the scene and the policemen’s orders are to be followed. We arm and train policemen to use weapons to enforce peace at these troubled scenes. If the policemen’s orders are not obeyed, they are trained to use weapons to defend themselves and keep the trouble-makers from harming others. When trouble-makers do not obey policemen on the scene, the trouble-maker is putting lives in jeopardy by their disobedience. The trouble scene is not the courtroom. If policemen act inappropriately, our redress is through the courts, not by inciting more trouble with disobedience at the disturbance scene. If we are unhappy with this arrangement, we have, and should, use lawful ways to change our laws.

I have come to believe we are having this controversy because people not obeying policemen no longer believe in America’s laws and are attempting overthrow America’s duly elected government by unlawful force.

If one does not want to live with America’s legal system to address grievances and laws, they are living in the wrong country. Nobody is keeping these people from leaving to find a more suitable government while leaving America’s law abiding citizens in peace.

Should readers wish to play the racial card at this point, they should first start paying attention to reality. In America, there is no limit because of skin color as proven by the multitude of fine black business owners, managers, educators, police officers, military officers, elected government officials and even a U.S. president! And yes, there are some white folks, probably even a few policemen and politicians, who show hatred toward black people, but they are a very small and decreasing minority.

Over 80 years ago in the Deep South, my folks taught us that all people were created equal — remind you of the Constitution and Bible scripture? — we were never allowed to talk bad about or mistreat anyone regardless of skin color. I benefited greatly by learning from black laborers who were helping dig the same ditches I was working in to pay my schooling expenses, served alongside black men in the Army. I am now proud to live in an integrated community where nearly all our citizens believe in equality and peaceful living.

Ray Totty


Baton Rouge