I am a liberal Democrat, and I oppose increased taxes on job-creators. Yes, you read that correctly.

Specifically, I oppose increased taxes on that middle-class Dad buying school clothes for his children, that middle-class Mom buying a new minivan, that middle-class family eating out at a favorite restaurant or traveling to New Orleans for a vacation. Customers are the real job-creators.

When will a store or dealer hire more sales staff? When will a restaurant hire more waitresses, a hotel hire more housekeepers? Obviously, when, and only when, there are more customers coming through the doors.

If taxes are allowed to increase in 2013 on middle-class families, the economy will suffer as they are forced to reduce spending. More customers will stimulate the economy.

If taxes on a middle-class family of four are increased $2,000 or more, that may mean the difference in that family sending their children to a parochial school or building their college fund. I support President Barack Obama’s tax plan to preserve current tax rates for the middle class, and I support his plan for a slight tax increase on the top 2 percent of taxpayers. Yes, 2 percent, not the 0.19 percent proposed under the GOP’s Plan B.

Marie Alice Rousselle

retired research chemist