On July 23, our beautiful and courageous daughter was a victim in the Lafayette theater shooting. She was seriously, but not critically injured, and we are thankful for that. Even now, she faces a long and painful recovery. She is a teacher who was attending a weeklong French AP workshop at ULL. The news of the shooting was devastating and surreal.

We, her parents, are deeply grateful for the assistance we received from your community. The ULL campus police aided us in retrieving her belongings from the dormitory and notifying her instructor of her absence on Friday. The news media respected our privacy, and the Lafayette General Hospital was incredible. The trauma surgeon was unbelievably skilled, and the nurses and staff on the fourth floor orthopedic wing were like angels from heaven. The staff priest that night was so compassionate and stayed with our daughter, who was alone, until family arrived.

The local law enforcement was efficient and the FBI victim’s assistance program sprang into action immediately. We were also very blessed with the war veteran who found our daughter in the grass, wounded and in severe pain. He stayed with her and carried her to the waiting ambulance. He called us at our home and calmly gave us the terrible news. He is our hero. Her many friends in the area gave love and support.

I thank the generous community for their fund-raising efforts.

I pray that your wonderful city finds healing, and that all who live there and elsewhere, advocate, at every opportunity, for stricter gun control and mental health care for all who need it, so that no other state, city or person ever has to face a situation again like that which occurred in Lafayette.

Judy Rowley

real estate agent