Gov. Bobby Jindal proclaiming May 8 as Employee Recognition Day is like Americans proclaiming Thanksgiving as “Turkey Day.” In appreciation, both state employees and turkeys get the ax.

Jindal repeatedly rationalizes the LSU Hospital System employee layoffs with the notion that the laid-off employees will be absorbed into the private sector. He clearly chooses to ignore that civil service employees aren’t just losing state jobs. Jindal is disrupting retirement plans as well. The reckless actions of Jindal and our spineless Legislature leave families having to revamp the financing of futures after having dedicated 10, 15, 20, or even 25 years to civil service.

On the behalf of state employees being laid off throughout the state of Louisiana, may I say, “You’re welcome, Governor Jindal!” But, please, keep your Recognition Day. We’d prefer our jobs.

Rene Torregrossa

former medical technologist at Earl K. Long

Baton Rouge