In response to Michael Hale’s letter to the editor in The Advocate, “Benghazi witch hunt must be stopped”:

To his credit, Hale at least includes the Benghazi attack as a “terrorist” attack. I feel certain the so-called “witch hunt” would not still be going on if President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would simply admit that as president and secretary of state, they and all their minions openly lied to the American people for weeks after the attack, calling it a “spontaneous student uprising” over an anti-Muslim video. These lies, presumably told so Obama could use the narrative that he had made “America safe from terrorists,” during his re-election campaign — a claim Obama famously made during a televised presidential debate with Mitt Romney. How silly that narrative seems now.

Neither Obama nor then-Secretary Clinton have ever explained why they lied or taken responsibility for the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the Marines guarding the embassy. Obama has never even identified the terrorists who attacked the embassy as “terrorists.” To this day, he still has never called our terrorist enemies by name.

Hale may call these investigations a “witch hunt,” but until the American people get the truth from those responsible for Benghazi, the investigations must go on.

Billy Stevens


Baton Rouge