I am a Cuban and an American citizen who came to this country in 1960, leaving my family and good memories along with everything else. My parents left the following year, and even before they left Havana, a Russian couple moved into our house, just like that. Is that Democracy?

I congratulate Carlos Quiroga for his wonderful and truthful letter on Jan. 1 (“President’s rescue efforts will not help Cuban people”). He didn’t leave anything out!

On the other hand, shame on Jerry Doyle’s Dec. 31 article (“Relationship with Cuba good for Louisiana”). All he can see is the money sign for Louisiana. Don’t get me wrong, I love Louisiana — I moved here in 1967 and I call Baton Rouge home — but like Mr. Quiroga said, it doesn’t matter how much business we do with Cuba. Only the government will benefit from it. Shame on President Barack Obama for making that wrong move!

Mr. Doyle, can you honestly feel good about Louisiana making money doing business with Cuba? What about the Cuban people? Trading is not going to work. Nothing is going to change. Citizens will still be forming lines to get food and be oppressed by the communist government while tourist and government employees eat lobster and steak.

It’s time to wake up and speak up. Cuba needs freedom first before we do any business with them. Freedom of speech is the most precious thing in the world! Let’s pray for those oppressed and that we can continue to have freedom in this country. God bless America!

Maria Carrillo


Baton Rouge