The problems with the budget led me to recall that several years ago I was surprised to learn that the budget for the state of Georgia was $20 billion with about 10 million people, whereas Louisiana, with 4.5 million people, had a budget of $24 billion. When I again checked Google, I was surprised to learn that the finding was the same, except that the budget for Louisiana had gone up to $29.1 billion. The Mississippi $6.1 billion budget was unchanged. I do not recall seeing the numbers being written or discussed. Maybe we should hire some people from our neighboring states to help us with our budget.

I recall as a child going to Atlanta to see my first-grade teacher in about 1938 who gave up on teaching us and got a job as the governor’s secretary. After speaking with us, she suggested we go upstairs to listen to the Legislature. The speaker said that $64 million was entirely too much for any state to spend on the budget. I also agreed. I hope someone will help explain why the budget in Louisiana is so out of line compared to our border states.

V. Bibb Saye


Baton Rouge