In the Sunday paper, on Page 2A, there was an article about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer event by Associated Press writers Thomas Beaumont and April Castro. In their article they spoke of the event sponsoring group, the American Family Association, a Christian group out of Tupelo, Miss.

They made the statement that this group “opposes abortion and gay rights and believes that the First Amendment freedom of religion applies only to Christians.”

Now I doubt VERY seriously that this group or any Christian group feels that way about our First Amendment rights. I can’t conceive of any American feeling that way, period.

I visited their website and saw nothing to that effect. I believe this was a deliberate “Gotcha!” slipped in to attack Perry and to paint him as an un-American fanatic. And your paper has allowed this trick to proceed in this article.

I presume the editors at The Advocate read the articles which the newspaper publishes. I am surprised such shoddy journalism is tolerated. And I am offended that these reporters have such a lack of respect for the intellect of their readers.

AP should be ashamed for putting this out nationwide; and you should be ashamed for passing it along to your readers.

Robert Dickenson

chemical engineer

Baton Rouge