Re: “Fired LSU professor releases emails in levee case,” The Advocate, Feb.18.

Is the article’s second paragraph, The Advocate’s official position on why New Orleans was damaged by flood? You reported:

“The damage was done by Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Louisiana-Mississippi Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005, flooding wide areas of New Orleans.”

Did you know the official federal position by federal courts after years of studying testimony and tons of forensic engineering reports is that the flood never would have happened had it not been for gross engineering negligence by the federal levee design engineers?

Ivor van Heerden proved to be correct and LSU wrong in their official position that the flood was simply because of Katrina.

Is it coincidence LSU and The Advocate both promote this incorrect position? This fact is not hard to check.

Ray Broussard

technical writer

New Orleans