After reading yet another story of an unnecessary death that occurred this past Friday night, I just have to ask this question: How many more Louisiana folks will die before a blanket law is passed making it illegal for anyone to ride in the bed of a pickup truck?

Several years ago, a group of teens were ejected and killed while riding in the bed of a pickup truck.

Their families were devastated.

After that happened, I thought surely the law would then get changed to make this practice illegal.

Is this yet another change that people will protest? One only needs to experience, firsthand, the sudden death of a relative to understand the emotional pain of this type of loss. There is simply no good reason not to enact a public safety law for those who choose to take their lives in their own hands in this manner. The time for action is now.

Fatal crashes can occur. I am all for “personal freedom.”

I wouldn’t even place any pet or dog in the rear of a pickup truck, much less a friend, co-worker or anyone.

I also have personally seen dogs fall out of pickup trucks riding down the road. Then the next vehicle comes along, hits it, and it mimics the same senseless act that occurred this past Friday evening.

I know that laws can’t be written for each and every contingency, but most states actually do have laws making it illegal to ride in the bed of a pickup truck. It’s past time for Louisiana to protect those who don’t realize the danger of this choice.

Cathy H. Arnett

retired nurse

Greenwell Springs