I applaud the Metro Council’s recent decision to table the mayor-president’s bond issue. The way the plan was devised and subsequent communication from the mayor-president prove to me that the Metro Council did the right thing.

For Baton Rouge to become a better city, several things need to happen. We must spend our money wisely and take care of our obligations first. On both counts, the mayor has failed.

How can a bond issue for improved public safety and crime prevention be put to a vote of the people if the district attorney, the city constable and the sheriff were not consulted? This is poor planning at best. In the meantime, our tax money has built water parks, skate parks, bike paths, libraries and city plazas. All of these things are nice, but unnecessary if we cannot control the crime that is happening in those places.

If we need to replace 78 bridges that endanger people’s lives as the mayor claims, where was the money spent that should have been maintaining them? Again, this is poor planning. Why are we endangering lives while we extend Staring Lane, widen Siegen Lane, Brightside Lane and many other streets? All of these projects are nice, but no lives are at stake while we wait in traffic for a few extra minutes.

Why would any of us vote for a tax to provide for the things we need and that the government is obligated to provide when the money we have is being spent on completely unnecessary items? Baton Rouge can be better, but this bond issue isn’t how it’s going to happen.

Andrew Pecquet

mechanical engineer

Baton Rouge