I have never written to a newspaper before as you can see by my stationery but thought it best while I could still focus my emotions on the article by Joe Gyan Jr. on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014.

I am outraged by this judge’s decision on a case of apparent negligent homicide and defamed indifference.

How could she give a pass to such a blatant crime? The man not only killed the young woman and left her on the side of the road but went on to fix his damaged car to further hide the crime.

This family has every right to be outraged. Justice was not served for Ms. Carson, but apparently the judge made a decision to benefit the perpetrator. I don’t think I have ever read of such a disgraceful outcome.

My sympathy to the victim’s family and to the driver of the car; you couldn’t even show up in court yourself to face the consequences of meeting her family. Very cowardly.

Verna Clapp

Retired R.N.