Now, let me get this straight:

We’re going to take one of the busiest streets, Government Street, in Baton Rouge, from four lanes to two travel lanes, a turn lane, with bike lanes and make it more travel- and business-friendly.

How soon we forget the nightmare of Katrina, when so many displaced people came to our city by necessity, or the two-day January ice storm, Mardi Gras, wrecks, pipe spills or you name it, that shut down the interstate system.

We’ve just made Capitol Heights, one block south of Government Street, one-way westbound with bike and walking lanes on both sides.

Bike lanes on Government Street, 4 feet wide, in normal traffic, and people on cell phones are an accident waiting to happen with or without a bike helmet.

Roughly 50 percent of my business clients come from outside a 5-mile radius — they’re already talking about a traffic nightmare.

Businesses need traffic flow and volume.

We’ve improved the Foster/Government streets interchange.

Now, if we can get the U.S. Postal Service to refigure the entrance and exit at the Audubon Station where we enter on the west and exit east into the traffic flow. While we are at it, synchronize the light like Florida Boulevard.

After 35 years of owning my business “on” Government Street, I agree something needs to be tried, “but” if this slows down traffic even more, as I suspect it will, we have the same problem again. T hen what?

In talking to a number of fellow business owners in the area — not one was personally consulted by the city or the “group” that made this decision.

But then we can’t even agree on a loop around Baton Rouge.

Wayne Daigle


Baton Rouge