It is very sad to hear of the University of Tennessee’s head coach Pat Summit’s situation with dementia.

I am wondering when did the medical community start using dementia to describe forgetting? I can remember the old horror movies when the crazed person was said to be “demented.” Dementia had to do with insanity and madness.

Forgetfulness was called senility. When you could not remember, you were senile. Why attach such a negative term like dementia to forgetting?

I think if our American lifestyle was a bit less stressful, our memory might be better. In America, having and enjoying your leisure is called “being lazy.”

The Good Book gives some advice on how to be at ease: meditate day and night, pray without ceasing (in secret), be anxious for nothing, think on good things, which means, sit yourself down and have some quiet time at home and it’s free.

Rosena Branch Machen

retired teacher