Regarding “No Rest for the Wicked: Lundi Gras no longer a respite between weekend parades and Fat Tuesday”:

Let me first thank you for the generally excellent coverage in the past. However, your Lundi Gras article in the Tuesday edition of The New Orleans Advocate, while interesting, focused primarily on Rex in Spanish Plaza in New Orleans.

By doing so, you missed a joyous Lundi Gras celebration in the city of Kenner. For the 17th year, the courts of the Krewe of Argus and the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club met in Rivertown, toasted one another and held a small parade for hundreds of people attending the free event.

I was honored to also toast the royalty of these longtime Carnival organizations. I also was very pleased to entertain the rest of the media that day so that anyone unable to attend Lundi Gras in Kenner in person could read about it in the newspaper or watch a report on TV.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind any of your readers not familiar with Lundi Gras in Kenner to put us on your schedule for next year, if you are interested in a free Carnival party that’s growing every year. I’d also like to extend an invitation for one of your reporters of the Lundi Gras fun next year in Kenner. We’ll treat you right.