We missed church on the recent Fourth of July weekend but got to hear the full four hours of WRBH 90.3’s tribute to our nation’s birthday. My wife, Eileen, and I usually only hear the first hour before leaving for Broadmoor Baptist religious services. Host Dr. Fritz McCameron does a wonderful job of selecting the play list each Sunday, but this week’s was exceptional!

Band music has been a favorite of mine since high school days in McAlester, Oklahoma, in the early 1940s. The nation was in the midst of World War II and there, on top of a scrap metal pile was a perfectly good French horn. Too scrawny to play high school athletics, I thought that playing in the band would gain me entry into all of the football and basketball games.

All went well for a while. Then came the day when our German band director asked me to “play the scale.” Needless to say, his heritage showed itself, including numerous phrases I could not translate.

Back on the American Legions’ scrap metal collection the horn went. All this said, I still believe you don’t have to have knowledge of how to make music to enjoy it!

Sunday’s program of music saluting our nation’s birthday was full of nostalgic memories of those days long gone by.

As adolescents, summers were spent at our family’s “ranch” deep in the Jack Fork Mountains in southeastern Oklahoma: no electricity, no running water, no indoor facilities, a wood-burning, cast-iron stove for cooking.

The world ended when the sun went down, except for the whip-poor-wills, the faraway tinkle of cow bells, frogs in the pond. On some evenings, we could hear the whistle of a logging train, two mountains over.

WRBH, thanks for the memories!

Joe F. Cannon

business broker

Baton Rouge