Someone recently put a story on Facebook that he thought was mocking the anti-gunners in a clever, amusing way. As the story goes, he left his gun with a box of ammunition on the porch and there was much activity in the neighborhood; however, his gun remained idle. The message being, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” However, in my opinion, the story was actually self-defeating. There are several populations of people that should not have guns for many reasons. His story made this perfectly clear.

Now, a restaurant is giving 10 percent discounts to those customers with guns. Can you imagine the clientele with which you would be dining in such an establishment? I’ll pay full price, thank you. James Gill wrote a wonderful parody of this titled “Bullets and biscuits: A Port Allen lunch story.” Gun enthusiasts seem to think their examples are humorous ways to make their gun-rights positions known. However, the message I receive is, apparently, there seems to be a major lack of reasonable, critical thinking going on with the gun rights supporters on this important issue. With the right to bear arms comes much responsibility, and in my opinion, we need to do extensive, thorough background and psychological screenings before gun permits are issued. The two examples, contrary to their intent, make this apparent.

Although I personally have distaste for guns, if I were a real estate agent, in light of the recent tragedy, I might perhaps reconsider or employ some means of self-protection. That, to me, is reasonable, critical thinking.

Carol Pooley

retired social worker