While watching the Republican debate, I was interested in their views about the entitlement culture in this country. It was noteworthy that all candidates professed a distaste for the way things work in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump, between rants about Washington, admitted he was a perpetrator as well as benefactor of the system by stating he had given money to many politicians and fully expected tangible returns, actually implying they were at his “beck and call.”

More incredulous was the silence from the entire panel, as well the moderators. I take that back; there were a few chuckles.

This lack of response elicits one of two interpretations: either it’s a Trump fantastical tale, or “quid pro quo” is the “status quo.”

Be assured: The big money in politics is to promote tall tales, but it is mainly utilized to ensure that the members of the entitlement community can take full advantage of the government’s largesse.

Randy Curtis


Baton Rouge