Did anyone in New Orleans find honoring Tom Benson with a statue at little disturbing? A statue to a man who has made millions of dollars off the people of New Orleans and Louisiana? Does anyone remember that after Katrina he wanted to move the Saints out of New Orleans and to San Antonio? And it didn’t happen only because NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue refused to let him do it! I am not a Saints fan, but I certainly remember. Call me idealistic, but I feel that statues should be erected for people who have done something brave, noble, altruistic, original — for someone whose principles and ethics set an example for future generations to take pride in and to emulate. Does Benson qualify with any of these descriptors? Nope. Every decision he has made has not been for the people of Louisiana but for himself. And the only thing this man continues to do (as reported in The Advocate Sept. 9) is to profit mightily from the loyalty of sports enthusiasts in Louisiana. But, hey this is Louisiana, where we have a love-hate relationship with the sin of greed and venerate false gods! Sometimes we send them to jail. Sometimes we erect statues to them.

Katrhryne Delcarpio

retired teacher

Pearl River