I read with great interest Dr. Francis Rinaudo’s letter to the editor re abortion. Rinaudo is a retired dentist who my family used during the time we lived in St. Francisville. Rinaudo is no doubt a good man, but the vitriol he casts on abortion providers doesn’t reflect much scientific knowledge and instead substitutes religion for science and no compassion for those who are driven to end a pregnancy.

My sister-in-law some time ago detected a lump in her breast. She reported it to her doctor. The tumor was removed, and she was put on chemotherapy. She and her husband sought advice from her doctor as to using birth control. The doctor said, “You can’t get pregnant while doing chemo.”

She did.

It is to her undying credit that she chose to have the child. But would anyone in their right mind have denied her that choice?

Remember that she already had three children who were dependent on her for moral succor and physical sustenance.

Choices such as these would ideally be left to the parents, doctors and perhaps their religious adviser.

It would be desirable that the state not enter into the picture. But we live in a political milieu that ignores the circumstances of women who are faced with awful choices and marches toward state dictates that limit the choices they have re their bodies.

Perhaps Rinaudo would also care to write about contraception, which the Catholic Church also condemns?

I consider myself a practicing Catholic, and I congratulate our new pope’s facing of these issues as well as the great disparity between the rich and the poor.

Rinaudo has ample opportunity in St. Francisville to work on that problem, where the difference between the rich and poor is characterized by a grand gulf.

Bob Crowley


New Orleans