Climate change supercharges risks to our health and economy, and it is taxpayers and businesses that pay the price. We can turn our climate challenge into an opportunity to modernize our power sector, form a low-carbon economy and fuel growth.

EPA’s fuel efficiency standards are an example of what’s possible. They’re cutting carbon pollution, saving money and fueling a resurgent auto industry that’s added more than 250,000 jobs since 2009.

That same success story is being written for energy progress. Today, the U.S. uses three times more wind power and 10 times more solar power, which means thousands of jobs. EPA’s Clean Power Plan will create thousands more jobs to make cleaner power a reality.

Since our plan lets states choose the path that makes sense for them, we’re sending a powerful signal to the market that pulls investment capital off the shelf and into our clean energy economy. We want every good idea we can get and extended the public comment period through Dec. 1.

Our plan pushes progress already underway. A world-leading economy depends on a healthy environment and a safe climate. Over the last four decades, EPA has cut air pollution by 70 percent, while the economy has tripled.

A new study finds that cutting carbon pollution could actually mean faster economic growth. Another study shows Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas together would see an annual net economic benefit of up to about $16 billion.

Today, we have more cars, more people, more jobs, more businesses and less pollution. When we act on climate, we seize an opportunity to retool and resurge with new technologies, industries and jobs.

We owe it to our kids not just to act, but to lead. When we do, we’ll leave them a cleaner, safer and opportunity-rich world for generations to come.

Ron Curry

EPA administrator, Region 6 (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas)

Dallas, Texas