I always enjoy the Reader’s Views section in The Advocate.

It is indeed good to hear from the people. However, I was a bit taken aback to read Michael Russo’s letter regarding the Republican Party’s respect for women. With all due respect to Mr. Russo, he seems to be basing his opinion on the party’s trying to shut down women’s health clinics.

The only clinics in question and being considered as questionable are the Planned Parenthood clinics, not the many wonderful community health clinics throughout America that are providing education, excellent health care and respect for life for all women.

These clinics have been supported by the Republican Party.

Perhaps Mr. Russo needs to take another look at Planned Parenthood’s mission statement, which has been sadly corrupted. This disdain for women narrative has been tried over and over and has been rendered a desperate attempt to garner votes. Enlightened voters have placed that in the failed rhetoric file and are now more concerned about the illegal immigrants being allowed to flood our gates to garner votes.

Marilyn Richoux